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Training & Development

We have a systematic development among all levels of employee’s skills and attitude which contributes their welfare, which subsequently reflects in the company’s growth and development.

We build the learner’s ability and mould the knowledge, skills, behavior, attitude and aptitude towards the requirement of the job and the organization.


We have different training models for job seekers, employees through various training programs. 

  • Training: This activity is both focused upon, and evaluated against, the job that an individual currently holds.

  • Education: This activity focuses upon the jobs that an individual may potentially hold in the future, and is evaluated against those jobs.

  • Development: This activity focuses upon the activities that the organization employing the individual, or that the individual is part of, may partake in the future, and is almost impossible to evaluate.








We offer the following Training Programs

Oracle Business Intelligence

Oracle Data Integrator






User Interface


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