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Resume Writing

The Purpose of a Resume


Resume is all about "Marketing Yourself". Resume demonstrate your employable, job and the organisation's requirements, right qualifications and education, right experience and skills, right level of professionalism for the job.


So Market yourself in right way, 

  • Your resume is not about your past, its future.

  • It is not a confessional, so you don't have to everything. Stick to what's relevant and marketable.

  • Instead of listing job descriptions, write your achievements & rewards.

  • Promote only skills that you enjoy working. Avoid writing about things you don't want to repeat.

  • You can be creative, but don't lie. Be honest while you market yourself!


Makeup your Resume


Makeup your resume and get attracted by employers. Employers uses keywords & phrases to find the resume. Ensure you use right keywords in your resume(ex: Skills, activities, Jobs, Qualifications, etc.)


How should i organize My resume


Not everything must appear on your resume every time, and the order can change for different applications. The most important thing is to collect the most useful information across first in place and followed by not specifically related to the job. 


It is always good to organize the information on your resume in this order

  • Contact details

  • Opening statement 

  • List of key skills 

  • List of technical/software skills

  • Personal attributes/career overview

  • Educational qualifications

  • Employment history/volunteering/work placements 

  • References/referees


There are lot more DO's & DONT's and it is always better to seek help from right recruiters. Fell free to contact us! All the Best!









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